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Petrific - Pet Health Information System

About Petrific

Petrific is an online electronic medical record that helps you keep all of your pet's vital information in one place. You can access this information from anywhere, so no matter where you are, you and veterinary health providers can access the information needed to care for your pet.

Petrific was developed by folks who feel that the best kind of home is one full of a variety of pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, birds, reptiles, horses, and more. Our pets like to be wherever we are, and we enjoy their companionship. We are inspired to return the same qualities we feel from our pets: love, kindness, joy, contentment, and amusement, just to name a few.

We also recognize the importance of keeping our pets healthy with regular vet visits, immunizations and other preventive care. We understand their time with us is often rather limited compared to ours, so helping them maintain healthy, active lifestyles is what we strive to do. It was this desire that became Petrific.

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It's easy to create a Petrific account. Just sign up and you can immediately start adding your pets and their health information. Petrific will help you:

  • Save time filling out vet office forms
  • Keep more accurate health records
  • Get reminders of health activities
  • Authorize care if your pet is ever lost
  • Help locate lost pets