3 Ways to Make this a Happy Thanksgiving for your Pets!

185816528Happy Thanksgiving from the Petrific Family!

While you are gathering together with family don’t forget about the furry members of your family. Here are 3 ways you can make this Thanksgiving a good one for your pets!

1. Invite pets to come along with their families to give your pet a good dose of companionship. Holidays aren’t just for the 2 legged! Let your pets enjoy getting together with family and friends too!

2. Monitor your pet’s food intake during the day. With so many people over, your pet could be fed things you don’t want in their diet or too much of it. Be careful what your pet is being fed and by whom.

3.  Keep your pet and your family safe! Be careful to monitor your pet’s mood. Having too many people around may agitate your pet. You don’t want them getting stressed and accidentally lashing out at a child or a family member.

Most importantly, have FUN! Take time to be thankful for them! They are truly a gift!

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