5 Benefits of Pet Adoption


So you’ve decided you want a pet. You are ready for the responsibility and are looking forward to the companionship. You have even narrowed down what kind of pet you want and the bread or specific type. Your mind has already started creating a list of wonderful names you could name it. The thoughts of adventures you will have together invade your senses with joy and laughter. But, now the hard part, where do you get that pet? What’s the best option? Do you go to the pet store down the road or a friend that breeds them? Or what about adopting a pet?

While there are many options to choose from, Adopting a pet from a shelter could be your best option and here’s why:

1. You Save a Life

Shelters are filled with pets that need a home. With so many people flocking to pet stores or local breeders, these amazing pets are left with no one to give them a home, love and commitment. Thousands of pets get euthanized each year because of over population. When you adopt a pet from a shelter you are not only saving a life, but you’re giving a home to a well-deserving pet who will no doubt give you a lifetime of love

2. They are healthier

Pets that come from shelters have usually had thorough examinations and vaccinations. They are well cared for by the shelter volunteers and staff. They are fed well and correctly and receive scheduled exercise. Some even go through a behavioral screening process and are potty trained.

3. You get more resources

Adopting your pet from a shelter gives you access to resources, help, tips and answers to questions that may arise. They work with these pets on a daily basis so they know how to help you in times of uncertainty.

4. They Cost Less

Adopting a pet from a shelter will cost you less. Because they are already vaccinated and have gone through health examinations prior to your arrival, you won’t have to pay for that. Some pets are even spayed or neutered before you adopt them. That means you won’t have to pay for that surgery which can save you tons of money. Even the cost of the pet is less than at a breeder or pet store.

5. You make a social statement

Adopting a pet makes a statement that you do not support breeding mills and poorly managed pet stores. The conditions in these environments are cruel to the animals. They are caged up with little to no exercise and improper care. Breeders often make the females breed over and over again. That’s the only life they have.

This year consider Adopting a pet from your local animal shelter. Support your local charity and give a life back to a pet!

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