A Healthier 2019 For You and Your Pet

488474643It’s a new year and it’s time to give you and your pet a fresh, healthy start to the year!

Much like you, your pets need exercise on a daily bases, but it doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Just playing with your pet every day gives them a little exercise that can vastly improve their health.

Different pets require different types of exercise. For example, you wouldn’t typically let your bird out to fly around outside like you’d take your dog for a run. Here are some different ways you can exercise with your unique pet.

Dog: With dogs you can wrestle in the house, take them for a run, play fetch and even take them to a dog park. These are the easiest to exercise and exercise with. When you go for a walk or run, just take them with you. When you take your kids to the park, take them to one by a dog park. Make sure to have enough supervision for both! If it’s too cold outside and you have a treadmill, exercise your pup on that!

Cat: Cat’s can be a bit trickier to exercise with but you can definitely give them exercise. Just grab a laser light and let them chase it for a while. You’d be surprised how long they’ll chase after that thing! You can also buy them a jungle jam for them to climb all over, jump up to and interact with.

Bird: Let them spread their wings and fly! Shut all the windows in your house and find a safe environment for them to fly around in. Just letting them do this a couple times a week will give them a great amount of cardio exercise.

Small Caged Pets: Let them out of their cage to crawl around a safe and secured room where they can’t get lost or hurt. Even just a few minutes will give them a feel of freedom and a longer period of time to move around outside of a confined cage.

Be creative and find ways to get your pets healthier this year!


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