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7 Ways To Support Your Local Shelter or Rescue

A lot of people do not realize how much help and support their local animal shelters really need. When in actuality there are many simple ways you can support them. Below is just a short list of the many things … Continue reading

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5 Benefits of Pet Adoption

So you’ve decided you want a pet. You are ready for the responsibility and are looking forward to the companionship. You have even narrowed down what kind of pet you want and the bread or specific type. Your mind has … Continue reading

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A Healthier 2019 For You and Your Pet

It’s a new year and it’s time to give you and your pet a fresh, healthy start to the year! Much like you, your pets need exercise on a daily bases, but it doesn’t have to feel like a chore. … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Make this a Happy Thanksgiving for your Pets!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Petrific Family! While you are gathering together with family don’t forget about the furry members of your family. Here are 3 ways you can make this Thanksgiving a good one for your pets! 1. Invite pets … Continue reading

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5 Tricks to Treat Your Pet Well this Halloween

Halloween is a great time for kids, teens and adults to get together and have a blast! But don’t forget about your furry little friends this Halloween! We found some cool ways to make it a fun and safe time for … Continue reading

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Cats vs Dogs for Your Lifestyle

The ultimate debate: Cats vs Dogs! Now we know that there are people who just love dogs and people who just love cats, but for those who love them both, it can be hard to choose between them. There are a … Continue reading

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10 Family Friendly Pets

“I want a kitty!” “No, I want a puppy!” Have you heard your children say this in the past week? And all you are thinking as a parent is, “Do they know how much work that is? Are they ready? … Continue reading

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Back to School: 5 Ways To Entertain Your Dog During the Day

Kids are back in school and a lot of pets lose their playmates for the day. If no one is home due to work and school, what does your pet do all day long? Here are 5 tips for what to do with … Continue reading

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New Petrific Blog

Welcome to Petrific’s new blog! “What will I find here?” Great question! I’m glad you asked! Petrific’s blog will feature new Petrific Pets, Rescue and Adoption Organizations, caring Veterinarians and excellent Breeders! Petrific will also feature Lost and Found pets to … Continue reading

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