Back to School: 5 Ways To Entertain Your Dog During the Day

Bored DogKids are back in school and a lot of pets lose their playmates for the day. If no one is home due to work and school, what does your pet do all day long?

Here are 5 tips for what to do with your Dog during the day:

  1. Doggy Day Care: Some doggy day cares only cost $6 a day and gives your pet a full social life while the kids are at school or you are at work. They can run around, interact with other pets and humans. This keeps them out of the house with no chance of them destroying things out of boredom. Taking them even once a week can help.
  2. Hire a dog walker: Getting a dog walker even two or three times a week can give your pup something to look forward to and helps keep them from being bored. Some dog walkers walk with multiple dogs so your pup can have a play date while getting some good exercise.
  3. Walk your Dog: Take your dog for a long walk in the morning before you leave for the day. This will help your pup expel any extra energy in the morning so they are less likely to cause havoc in your house while you are gone during the day. Taking them on a walk when you get home gives them quality time with you and gives them the exercise they need after a day in a confined space.
  4. Get Fun Toys: Leave your pup with plenty of fun toys to play with to keep them out of trouble and full of mental stimulation while you’re gone. Make sure to gate off areas of your home you don’t want them getting into but leave enough room for them to stretch their legs. If it’s nice weather, consider keeping them in your fenced back yard where they can be in the sun and run around and play.
  5. Get a Companion: Consider getting another dog or cat to keep them company. There are plenty of pets in adoption organizations and shelters needing a good home and a companion of their own.

No matter what option you choose, your pet is sure to be happier and feel cared for and loved. After all, we need to show our pets that we love them as much or more than they love us.

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