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Pet Memorial - Jackie

In Memory: June 18, 1998 - March 13, 2016


Jackie died just a few months short of her 18th birthday. We were conducting a Search & Rescue exercise and unfortunately someone had put out coyote bait laced with antifreeze and several members of our dog team came into contact with it. Jackie was hospitalized for three days before being sent home with the hope that she would get better in a quieter environment. She fought but unfortunately the poison took too much of a toll on her system. She died in her sleep surrounded by her loved ones in the comfort of her own bed and home. She will be sorely missed and her death has led to a public outcry of illegal baiting and awareness of antifreeze poisoning in pets. She was a loyal service dog for 12 years, frequently visited the Veteran's Hospital to help comfort veterans with PTSD and other traumas, and was frequently utilized in dog training exercises. No dog will ever replace her, and she will forever have a place in our hearts and minds. RIP, my lovely girl, and know that we will meet again one day.

Jackie "The Bear", the best dog I've ever had

  • Dog - German Shepherd Dog
  • Gender: Female
  • Silver City, NM
  • Birthday: June 18, 1998
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