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Petrific - Pet Health Information System

About Petrific - Petrific's Background

Over time and through experience of being pet owners for many years, we realized that all pet owners need a tool to thoroughly document essential information to maintain our pets' healthy lifestyles. This tool needs to be a resource that is always available, especially to a veterinarian if we need one. It has to function as a system that can help if a pet is lost, and is there to just simply help us help them. This tool must be a resource that assists anyone in maintaining the health and wellness of their animal companions. We have health information records for humans, so why not pets?

Petrific is about not only our pets, but all the pets and companion animals in our community and around the world. Let Petrific motivate you to be the best companion you can be, just as our pets have done for us.

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It's easy to create a Petrific account. Just sign up and you can immediately start adding your pets and their health information. Petrific will help you:

  • Save time filling out vet office forms
  • Keep more accurate health records
  • Get reminders of health activities
  • Authorize care if your pet is ever lost
  • Help locate lost pets