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Petrific - Pet Health Information System

Petrific FAQ's

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How much does it cost?
  • FREE! for Pet Owners (non-Breeders).
Veterinarian Accounts:

$49.99/month per vet.

Note you can add as many office staff users as you want for free. Includes:

  • Access to view and add entries to any Petrific pet's health records.
  • An Online Patient Registration system that can be easily added to your website in less than an hour.
Breeder Account:

$19.99/month for an unlimited number of animals, AND:

  • Breeder Designation
  • Appearance on Breeders page for people looking for pets
  • Other features coming soon!
Sign Up Now!

It's easy to create a Petrific account. Just sign up and you can immediately start adding your pets and their health information. Petrific will help you:

  • Save time filling out vet office forms
  • Keep more accurate health records
  • Get reminders of health activities
  • Authorize care if your pet is ever lost
  • Help locate lost pets