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Petrific - Pet Health Information System

It's easy to create a Petrific account. Just sign up and you can immediately start
adding your pets and their health information. Petrific will help you:

Help locate lost pets.

Save time filling out vet office forms.

Keep more accurate health records.

Get reminders of health activities.

Authorize care if your pet is ever lost.

Sometimes our favorite companions tend to have more than two legs... or, maybe no legs...

They may be big, small, furry, scaly, winged, tailed or tailless, cuddly, or any other word we can conjure up to describe our pets. They provide unconditional love, sometimes by sitting in our laps, pulling us down the sidewalk on a lead, or simply providing entertainment by eating crickets or seeds out of our bare hands. No matter how you define it, pets help make our own little worlds a better place to be.

Petrific can help you return the love your pets provide by serving as a one-stop, unique web resource. Petrific can help you:

  • Simplify veterinarian visits by providing necessary forms prior to a visit, which for some pets, can be rather stressful.
  • Organize your pets' health records, making them accessible 24 hours a day: essential for the jetsetting pet!
  • Stay on top of your pets' health care needs with gentle reminders about upcoming immunizations, physicals, etc.
  • Research veterinarians if you are moving to a new community, or just have information available if you are out of town and need a veterinarian.
  • Authorize care if your pet is ever lost or injured.
  • Assist in reuniting pets and their human companions if your pet is ever lost.

Petrific was created by pet lovers for pet lovers. Our ultimate goal is to make your life easier with your animal companions, keeping your pet healthy and safe.

Imagine all your pets' vital information in one place, accessible from anywhere by you and their health providers as needed. That is essential. That is Petrific.